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Charles Blais-Dionne joins KAM Sports Group

Terrebone, Québec

KAM Sports Group is proud to announce that Charles Blais-Dionne is joining the team as a player agent and family advisor. This merge will allow the agency to diversify its services in the amateur and professional athletes representation business.

“We are pleased that Charles, founder of Project Sports Agency, is joining our team. We were positively impressed during our meetings and we were foreseeing a natural merge between our two agencies.” Mathieu Curadeau, CEO and founder of KAM Sports.

Charles benefits from a vast expertise as a family advisor and a player agent in many different territories and he will continue to execute the same function as before within the KAM Sports Group.

“I’ve known Mathieu and Eric for many years. We share the same ethic ans we have similar objectives for the future. All of PSA’s clients are in good hand and my vision for them will not change.” Charles Blais-Dionne, Member of the PHPA agent program since 2020.

CEO and vice-president, Mathieu and Eric, wish a warm welcome to all of PSA’s clients who will now be part of the big KAM Sports family. They also mentioned that the transition, which will be gradual, will be completed in January 2023.


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