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Nathan Légaré



The KAM Sports Group stands out from its competition because of its player- first mentality. Through their honest approach, the team’s member strike to always advise what is best for the athletes and their families. In addition to being skilled communicator and negotiator, our resourceful agents use their various connections in order to offer as many opportunities as possible to their clients.


"Offer complete and customized supervision through our various services in order to help the athlete maximize his full potential."



"Help student-athletes effectively navigate their path towards NCAA athletics."


Samuel Houde

What matters most to me is a strong and meaningful relationship with my agent. Direct, honest, motivating and constructive conversation is what the KAM Sports Group has offered me since day one.


Name withheld due to the NCAA bylaws

I have been working for three years with an advisor of KAM Sports Group. Very easy to talk with and always there to provide the right advice, they made me feel a part of their big family from day one.


Nathan Légaré

They are honest in every conversation, which allows us to become the best version of ourselves. The KAM Sports Group agents helped me to reach the next level.


Samuel Asselin

The agents of KAM Sports Group have been available at every steps of my career for my family and I. They care about what’s best for the development of their athletes, and they provide the best options to do so. I like how easy to approach they are.


Rémi Poirier

The KAM Sports Group helped me achieve my goals by making my environment conducive to my development and success. They were always available when I needed them, especially during some challenging moments.

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